by Mose Giganticus

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Concept record about the life, achievements, and defeats of Nikola Tesla


released May 13, 2008



all rights reserved


Mose Giganticus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mose Giganticus is Matt Garfield and Joe Smiley composing dark sounds to bright lights.

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Track Name: Commander!
This is for the man with the selfless fore-sight
This is for the vision that you don’t understand
This is for the eyes that are blind by lightning
This is for the mind with the fool-proof plan

Faster, Faster
Electrical master
We’re pulling the plug on this fantastic disaster

Action, Action
Attack it with passion
We’ll buy you more time if you sell us the patents

This is for the case that defies convention
This is the example that you can’t explain
This is for the story that we know so far and
All the rest of the exceptions to the rules of the game


This is no mistake
This is no accident
I work for a living
I put my back into it

Don’t be confused
Between luck and circumstance
I’m a fucking (modern) magician
I make shit (it) happen

This is for the days that were spent in darkness
This is for the future that the mind’s eye saw
This is for the man who died broken and alone and
Never questioned the direction or the purpose of it all

Track Name: Legacy
The battle lines are etched upon the page
Defined by choices made
Within this war of currents

Speak not of better times ahead
Your past belies what’s on your mind
The purse dictates your movement

Beat still your jealous heart
Contrives deceits to entertain the mob
You sell them propaganda

This weight that falls upon me
Cannot crush the inner force that drives
Me into fits of passion

Embattled, sealed between these fortress walls
I bide my time within
Retreat to staunch the bleeding

Forgotten gratitude stands
Deafened to the ears of history
My legacy surrounds you

It’s beyond me
Track Name: Blood From This Stone
There’s got to be another answer
We can’t see anything from here
This course was set without direction
You’ve made a rival of a peer
And I’ll be damned if you’ll see anymore blood from this stone

I guess we’re not in this together
I misinterpreted a friend
You’ve entered blindly to this struggle
You’ll live to see my silent triumph

But in the end, I won’t gain their recognition
And no one will find me here
I’m destined to be forgotten
No one said this would be fair

I’ll turn away from your fortune and your fame
I’m not concerned with excesses of this world
And I’ll keep my promises
You just need to buy me time
I’m barely hanging on
I’m closer to the edge
But I’m staying alive

We’ve got to keep this body moving
I’ll never rest until I’m dead
But I can’t keep up this pace forever
And though it’s still days away, there’s trouble up ahead
Track Name: Days of Yore
Trust, Loyalty, Servitude
Respect, Patience, Sincerity
Incensed, Justice, Nevermore
Outcast, Misanthrope, Criminal

Confined to the days of yore

Silence, Darkness, Solitude
Distance / Victory Limitless
Lost, Hopeless, Penniless
Broken, Nameless, Forsaken

Desperate in the days of yore

I never wanted this
I never asked for this
This imposition is exhausting

Dedication lost
Fate forced my hand
Choked by your greed

When I approached your door
I asked for nothing but
A chance to prove my worth

An independent path
For the betterment
I command the impossible

Confined to the days of yore
Desperate in the days of yore
Track Name: My Machine (Kezner Diced Insanity Remix)
This is the dawn of my reaction,
Alarming accusations in the face of opposition to it

My machine

If the fruit of my endeavors tastes as bitter as defeat
To intensify my efforts or submission taste as sweet as

My machine

I require bread and water
I grow tired by the hour

An emotional addiction
Never be the second best
Either with us or against us, but a cog among the rest inside of

My machine